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THE POOL PEOPLE. C.R. has been in the pool industry for well over 25 years in the Phoenix Area and specializes in Repair, Service and Remodeling. C.R.s expert advice and revealing insights to pool care and pool problems span decades, experience that most pool owners don’t have.

The Pool People is a different kind of pool company. We specialize in affordable, personal service, from complete maintenance for those who just want to swim or advice for do-it-yourselfers. We offer pool cleaning, repair, maintenance, remodeling and pool school to teach our customers to care for their own pool. No single amenity enhances the value of your home or adds to your enjoyment like a pool. With proper care your pool can be a rejuvenating source of enjoyment for friends and family but it takes work and knowledge to keep your swimming pool in top condition. Let The Pool People do the work necessary to ensure sparkling clear water with the proper chemistry and the optimal working condition of all mechanical components.

Call us at 623-362-8888 if your pool needs help!