30 Sep 2014

Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool This Fall

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Fall in Arizona means you can finally acid or chemical wash your swimming pool to get rid of algae or other stains. Why wait until fall? Summer heat will crack the plaster in an empty pool, so acid and chemical washes must wait until cooler temperatures arrive.

There are two major kinds of washes, acid and chlorine.
• Chlorine washes are designed specifically to target algae on the surface of the plaster, and it can help lighten and bleach the plaster.

• Acid washes are designed to remove stains and some mineral deposits and remove and lift out dirt stains, but not algae.

Pool People is unique among many other companies in that we use a blended mix that has polymers, buffers and whiteners, while others may use straight acid. Acid may make your pool look great for a while, but if often strips the top coat of plaster or pebble coat allowing stuff to get embedded even more deeply in the now rough surface. That’s bad. Within 90 days your pool is likely to look worse than it did before the wash and it’ll be harder to clean and maintain.

We recommend hiring a reputable pool company for either process. We’ve had clients try it on their own, with disastrous results. So don’t try this at home!

If you have questions about acid washing, feel free to contact Pool People in Glendale, Arizona. We’ll be happy to help you select the appropriate wash for your pool, as well as assist with getting rid of that pesky calcium line. Pool People provides regular pool and spa cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pool remodeling, pool and spa repairs, as well as tile cleaning for residents of the Northwest Valley in Phoenix. We also have a fully stocked pool store at 5830 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite B-6, Glendale, AZ.


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