15 Dec 2014

All About Above-Ground Spas

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Nothing is better than slipping into warm water and whirlpool jets, right? Wrong! In a word, don’t buy one. Or if you do, when it breaks, junk it and buy a new one.

Here’s why. In the last 10 years, companies have stopped making replacement parts, so it is becoming extremely difficult to find what you need. In fact, Pool People has found it so frustrating, we don’t even offer above ground spa service any more.

In the second place, the way spas are constructed is a lot like Christmas lights. The controls are set up in a sequence, so just like Christmas lights, you have to keep replacing bulbs (or panels in the spa) until you find the one that is causing the problem. The trouble with that is the cost. Fixing an above ground spa can run into a thousand dollars or more, hence the reason why it is cheaper to junk the old one and buy new.

However, if you really want to assure that your spa stays working, your best bet is to have it built into the ground alongside your pool. Yep, it’s gonna cost you about $10,000, but it’ll last your lifetime.


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