A Pre-Filter for Swimming Pools

As an old pool guy, I have seen plenty in all my years of cleaning and repairing swimming pools. As the old saying goes, “They don’t build them like the used to.” For instance, I just replaced a 40-year-old pump and motor for a client. Not sure, but that might be a record for that.. read more →

How long should my swimming pool cleaner last?

As pool owner, you know that the equipment isn’t going to last forever. So what is a reasonable lifespan for the pool vacuum or cleaner? There are so many brands and types of cleaners, that it is hard to pin point an exact life span. As a general rule, however, if you pay less than.. read more →

What happens under the pool cover?

Putting a cover over your swimming pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can walk away and forget about it. Pool People suggests you check under the cover at least once per month. Algae is a living plant and heat can cause it to grow. A particularly warm winter here in Phoenix can spell disaster.. read more →

Is it possible for swimming pool plumbing to freeze in Phoenix?

Temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the Phoenix area, but it has happened and probably will again. Generally, such temperatures only happen at night. If the temperature drops to 32 degrees, you are probably still safe since that is the low for the night and won’t last long. However, if temps drop into the 20s,.. read more →

Winter Pool Maintenance

Once the temperature drops below 55 degrees at night, the algae in the pool becomes inactive. In addition, there are generally have fewer violent storms during the winter months, so less debris gets into the pool. That means the amount of chlorine needed to keep the pool blue and clear drops way down as well… read more →

What is the winter run time on your swimming pool pump?

With less use, lower temperature and fewer hours of sunlight, your pool pump doesn’t need to run as much as it does in the summer. That doesn’t mean you can shut it down altogether. The entire volume of your pool should pass through the filters at least once per day (or night), even in the.. read more →

More rain, more cloudy pools

With one of the strongest El Nino seasons on record coming our way, we stand about a 60% chance to receive higher than normal precipitation this winter — particularly in the months of January, February and March. More rain probably means a lot more cloudy swimming pools. Why? Rain water can affect your swimming pool’s.. read more →

Swimming Pool Skimmer Tip

The skimmer in your swimming pool is designed to filter out a lot of the larger debris from the pool before it hits the motor and filters. For the most effective flow of water in your pool, the skimmer basket should be emptied frequently. The basket should be in good shape and be replaced when.. read more →

Anti-Vortex Drain Can Save Lives

A couple of years ago, a little girl got caught in the drain at a large swimming pool here in the Valley of the Sun. The suction pinned her down and killed her. That tragedy sparked a lot of change in the industry. The best thing to come out of it is the new anti-vortex.. read more →

Troubleshooting Your Swimming Pool in Phoenix

Lots of things can go wrong with swimming pools in Phoenix and the desert southwest, especially in the extreme heat and with our Monsoon storms. Here’s a list of potential problems and solutions. Problem: Black Spots Black spots are most likely caused by black algae. This algae grows inside the plaster of your pool. This.. read more →