No Draino for Swimming Pools

Blockages are one of the most common problems we at Pool People run into. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Draino to take care of the problem. Blockages occur when debris either clogs the hose that runs from the pool vacuum to the skimmer, or in the lines that run underground between the skimmer.. read more →

To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild? That is the Question!

Swimming pool pumps don’t last forever, unfortunately. That means that when your pump fails you have two choices — to have it rebuilt or buy a new one. I recently ran into just this issue with a client. Her pool pump is ancient. It has a good brass casing and solid brass blades that chew.. read more →

Chlorine is Not Created Equal

There are three forms of chlorine that swimming pool owners have at their disposal … tab, granular and liquid. Each has different uses. Tab chlorine should be used for regular maintenance of your swimming pool. It is slow dissolving and keeps a steady stream of chemicals entering your pool. Granular chlorine is what we call.. read more →

Heat Sinks into Swimming Pools

Phoenix is off to a steamy start this summer — two weeks straight of temps of roughly 110 degrees or higher. That means pools are heating up to the temperature of bath water all over the Valley of the Sun, making it a perfect environment for algae to breed. There are some things you can.. read more →

Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance Pays Off

Pool People regularly deals with people who neglect their swimming pool maintenance, which is a good thing for us, otherwise we’d probably be out of business. Even though maintenance is our bread and butter, we still feel a bit frustrated when we know a little simple maintenance would help people save a bunch of money… read more →

When to Manually Vacuum Your Swimming Pool

Most people have some type of automatic pool cleaning system that vacuums the pool clean of dirt and debris. However, there are some times when manual vacuuming can be useful — when dirt or algae builds up on bottom of the pool or after a storm when lots of debris has fallen to the bottom.. read more →

Best Swimming Pool Brushes

Part of keeping a pool blue, clear and clean is regular maintenance, and that mean brushing down the walls and floors on a regular basis. In general, there are five kinds of brushes for you to choose from and the difference really stem from what they are made of, not shape or size. The first.. read more →

What is Black Algae?

Black algae is the most difficult to get rid of and it is rarely caused by an imbalance in chemicals. This algae grows inside the plaster of your pool. This strain of algae can bloom even if your pool is clean, properly filtered and has the appropriate amount of chemicals. Unfortunately, the rougher the plaster,.. read more →

Battling the Green Monster

So temperatures in the Valley of the Sun broke that magic mark of 90 in March and suddenly Pool People is hip deep in the green monster (sometimes literally) and battling mustard, green and black algae all over the place. Part of that is due to neglect over the winter months by owners. That’s why.. read more →

Spring Pool Maintenance Checklist

March means spring in the deserts of Arizona. Temps can soar into the 90s. Warmer temperatures mean your swimming pool needs more maintenance. So here is a checklist to help keep your pool clean and clear during the spring season: • Spring maintenance on equipment — check to make sure your pumps are clean, filters.. read more →