March Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

March means warmer temperatures in Phoenix, and warmer temperatures mean an explosion of algae growth. Once the temperatures climb into the 80s and your pool warms up, it is time to step up the amount of chlorine you use. It is also time to begin adding algaecide to your pool if you haven’t been doing.. read more →

Worst Case of Mustard Algae, EVER!

I ran into the worst case of mustard/green algae I’ve seen in a long long time. It was a wowser. The owner was treating the pool with chlorine all winter long and the water was blue and clear. However, the owner neglected to treat it with an algaecide. The algae finally got so strong and.. read more →

Mustard Algae is Coming

As the temperature gets warmer, swimming pools are in more danger of developing mustard algae or yellow algae. Mustard algae is sometimes a light green or mustard color. Because it doesn’t like the heat, it generally forms when daytime temperatures reach 60 -75 degrees here in Arizona (spring and fall). Nor does it like too.. read more →

Don’t Let Your Swimming Pool Stand

Words of warning … don’t let your pool stand without cleaning it. As you can see by the photos, this swimming pool owner let the pool stand for over a year. While the owner did keep chlorine in it and kept the bugs out, he did no maintenance and let all the debris fell into.. read more →

Swimming Pool Heaters Need Love, Too!

Most pool owners who have pool heaters don’t run their heaters during the summer. And when they try to turn them on, surprise, they aren’t working! A simple way to prevent this kind of surprise is to turn on the pool heater every three to four months and let it run for at least 20.. read more →

Can Swimming Pool Equipment Freeze in Southern Arizona?

Despite our billing as the Valley of the Sun, Arizona can have mean streaks of cold weather — like the first week of January’s repeated freeze warnings. Pool equipment can freeze in southern Arizona although really it has to drop to 25 degrees at night for about five days. That’s how long it takes the.. read more →

All About Above-Ground Spas

Nothing is better than slipping into warm water and whirlpool jets, right? Wrong! In a word, don’t buy one. Or if you do, when it breaks, junk it and buy a new one. Here’s why. In the last 10 years, companies have stopped making replacement parts, so it is becoming extremely difficult to find what.. read more →

15 Dec 2014
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No More Green Pool

You’ll recall that in the last blog, I was helping a client with her green pool. We discovered her pool water has hit the low end of the red zone on water hardness. Remember that the harder the water, the less likely it is to absorb chemicals. Pool water hardens at about 10% per year,.. read more →

Algae: It gets tougher!

I’ve talked a lot about green pools, algae and the uphill battle to fight it. I’m currently helping a client battle a green pool right now. By all rights, this pool shouldn’t stay as clean as it does. It’s got a 50 foot pine tree standing over it, a nearby olive tree and stuff drops.. read more →

Tips for Covering Your Swimming Pool During the Winter Months

Although it is rare in Phoenix, a few owners do cover their swimming pools during the winter months. In other parts of Arizona, this is much more common. In either case, there are a few things you need to know to avoid some ugly surprises in the spring. • First, super chlorinate the pool before.. read more →