Pets and Pools

Most household pets — cats and dogs — naturally know how to swim. Many breeds of dogs love being in the water, while others will avoid it at all cost. Cats generally don’t want to get wet, but they can still fall in the pool when startled by trick or treaters, being chased, or just.. read more →

Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool This Fall

Fall in Arizona means you can finally acid or chemical wash your swimming pool to get rid of algae or other stains. Why wait until fall? Summer heat will crack the plaster in an empty pool, so acid and chemical washes must wait until cooler temperatures arrive. There are two major kinds of washes, acid.. read more →

Fall Pool Maintenance

As summer winds down here in Phoenix, swimming pool maintenance becomes easier for homeowners. Here are some pool maintenance tips to follow as the days get cooler and the nights get longer. Chemicals During the summer months, pools use a lot more chemicals due to evaporation and heavy use. With lower temperatures, you’ll be able.. read more →

Leave it to the Pro’s

Doing your own pool repairs might seem like a good idea when you think about how much money you’ll save, but it could very well end up being something you regret. Most repair projects involving pools generally end up being done improperly because the person doing the work doesn’t know what they are doing. This.. read more →

05 Sep 2014
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Professional Pool Maintenance Worth The Cost

The cost of professional pool maintenance is something that a lot of people know is worth the money because of everything that it has to offer. If you’re considering this for your home’s pool, then take a look at all of the benefits listed below: 1. Regular Cleaning Most companies that provide this service will.. read more →

05 Sep 2014
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What a Shock!

Monsoon storms, haboobs, hail … all can dump tons of debris, dust and even little critters that live in raindrops into your swimming pool. The end of the storm season tends to be particularly wild here in the Southwest. After a big storm, we at Pool People recommend using a product known as Shock. It.. read more →

How harmful is chlorine on your eyes?

Halfway through our Phoenix summer and you’ve probably spent hours in your swimming. So you probably already know that chlorine can dry out your skin, but did you also know that chlorine can be hard on your eyes as well? Temporary effects occur when the cornea is submerged and its protective tear film is washed.. read more →

Why is chemical quality so important during Monsoon Season?

Monsoon season in Phoenix is an extremely tough time for swimming pool maintenance for many reasons. High temperatures cause water and chemicals to evaporate from the pool very quickly. Dust and wind storms drop debris into pools. And finally, torrential rains can add even more dust and debris to your pool. That means you need.. read more →

What effect do dust storms have on your swimming pool?

During Monsoon Season, swimming pool owners in Phoenix have to deal with haboobs — giant dust storms generally caused by outflow winds from thunderstorms that spawn in the mountains. Some of these dust storms can be truly stupendous. In 2011, one monster lasted for several hours and dropped a continuous rain of dust, torn leaves.. read more →

What is a swimming pool alarm?

Swimming pool alarms are designed alert adults when kids fall into the pool. These were really hot about five years ago, but have slipped in popularity, mostly because they were less than reliable, at least not as perfected or reliable as a fire alarm for you home. The first type of alarm is a water.. read more →