10 Jan 2015

Can Swimming Pool Equipment Freeze in Southern Arizona?

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Despite our billing as the Valley of the Sun, Arizona can have mean streaks of cold weather — like the first week of January’s repeated freeze warnings.

Pool equipment can freeze in southern Arizona although really it has to drop to 25 degrees at night for about five days. That’s how long it takes the water in the pool to really cool off. When water temperature drops to just above freezing, then the pool can ice over and equipment can freeze. It’s been about 12 years since we’ve seen a cold streak like that, but I remember have plenty of pool problems during that cold streak.

All that being said, however, if we have two or more days of really cold weather, you should turn on your pool pump on at night. Because there is a less volume of water in the pipes and the motor, those things can freeze more easily. So it is cheap insurance to run the pool pump at night just to be safe.

CR Moreth, Pool People


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