Chlorine is Not Created Equal

There are three forms of chlorine that swimming pool owners have at their disposal … tab, granular and liquid. Each has different uses. Tab chlorine should be used for regular maintenance of your swimming pool. It is slow dissolving and keeps a steady stream of chemicals entering your pool. Granular chlorine is what we call.. read more →

Worst Case of Mustard Algae, EVER!

I ran into the worst case of mustard/green algae I’ve seen in a long long time. It was a wowser. The owner was treating the pool with chlorine all winter long and the water was blue and clear. However, the owner neglected to treat it with an algaecide. The algae finally got so strong and.. read more →

Mustard Algae is Coming

As the temperature gets warmer, swimming pools are in more danger of developing mustard algae or yellow algae. Mustard algae is sometimes a light green or mustard color. Because it doesn’t like the heat, it generally forms when daytime temperatures reach 60 -75 degrees here in Arizona (spring and fall). Nor does it like too.. read more →

No More Green Pool

You’ll recall that in the last blog, I was helping a client with her green pool. We discovered her pool water has hit the low end of the red zone on water hardness. Remember that the harder the water, the less likely it is to absorb chemicals. Pool water hardens at about 10% per year,.. read more →

Algae: It gets tougher!

I’ve talked a lot about green pools, algae and the uphill battle to fight it. I’m currently helping a client battle a green pool right now. By all rights, this pool shouldn’t stay as clean as it does. It’s got a 50 foot pine tree standing over it, a nearby olive tree and stuff drops.. read more →

What a Shock!

Monsoon storms, haboobs, hail … all can dump tons of debris, dust and even little critters that live in raindrops into your swimming pool. The end of the storm season tends to be particularly wild here in the Southwest. After a big storm, we at Pool People recommend using a product known as Shock. It.. read more →

What effect do dust storms have on your swimming pool?

During Monsoon Season, swimming pool owners in Phoenix have to deal with haboobs — giant dust storms generally caused by outflow winds from thunderstorms that spawn in the mountains. Some of these dust storms can be truly stupendous. In 2011, one monster lasted for several hours and dropped a continuous rain of dust, torn leaves.. read more →

Top 5 Things to do to get Swimming Pools’ Blue

The scorching summer months will soon be upon us here in Phoenix. Swimming pools will be in high demand and see their peak usage May – September. That means homeowners need to step up their swimming pool maintenance if they want to keep their pools clear and blue. A pool that has been ignored will.. read more →

Does your swimming pool need acid washing?

Acid washes, otherwise known as chemical washes, are designed to freshen the plaster, remove stains, algae and dirt, but not etch the plaster. There are two major kinds of washes, acid and chlorine. Chlorine washes are designed specifically to target algae on the surface of the plaster, and it can help lighten and bleach the.. read more →

What should I look for in a swimming pool vacuum hose and head?

Swimming pool cleaning systems have gotten pretty advanced, but for people without these advanced gadgets, manually vacuuming the bottom of the pool is still a necessity. And even folks with advanced cleaning system sometimes need more help than their normal system, especially after big storms dump debris in their pool. In both cases, a good.. read more →