Help! My Swimming Pool is Turning Green

What does it mean when your swimming pool turns green? It means you’ve got an algae problem and you need to step up your swimming pool maintenance. However, not all algae is created equal, so treating it requires different steps. There are really three types of algae: yellow(mustard), green or dark green and black. Yellow.. read more →

The Dark Horse of All Algaes

Black algae is the dark horse of all algaes. It is the most difficult to eliminate and cure. It’s rarely a chemical problem. Unlike the other kinds of algae which require special chemicals, what you normally need to fight black algae is chlorine.    Black algae is really a surface condition. As your pool ages.. read more →

When Green Is Not a Good Thing

If your pool is green you have a green algae problem now. You really need to do something, and now. You have this problem because of a lack of chlorine. Yes, add extra chlorine, but you can’t add enough chlorine to kill all the algae. You will need an algaecide and heavy chlorine boost as.. read more →

The Three Bears of Algae

Who can forget Goldilocks, the original drama queen? She broke into the Bears’ house and complained, “It’s too hot or too cold and it’s too big or too small.” She spoiled or broke everything  looking for “just right.” Yellow or mustard algae–which is technically a spore–is a lot like Goldilocks. It doesn’t like water too.. read more →