To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild? That is the Question!

Swimming pool pumps don’t last forever, unfortunately. That means that when your pump fails you have two choices — to have it rebuilt or buy a new one. I recently ran into just this issue with a client. Her pool pump is ancient. It has a good brass casing and solid brass blades that chew.. read more →

The Pump Basket on a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix can be challenging. With so much dust in the air, the pool cleaning and filtering equipment can get a real workout. The pump basket is the last line of defense to keep your pump and filter from getting clogging, or worse, burning out. The pump basket is also the most.. read more →

Swimming Pool Pumps and Motors

Swimming pool maintenance and proper water filtration become even more important in the summer months in Phoenix. As the pool water heats up, the algae, which is ever present, begins to multiply. Remember, algae grows “exponentially” not one-to-one. Keeping the pool well filtered helps keep down the particles in the water that the algae feeds.. read more →

The Sand Filter

  It seems counterintuitive to use sand to filter the water in your pool, but this is considered the best filtering system for your pool. In truth, it doesn’t clean your pool as well as the other filtering systems (which I’ll discuss in another blog entry) but it’s the most popular because it’s the easiest.. read more →

Let Me Pump You Up!

     Just as your heart pumps blood throughout your body, your pool must have a pump to keep it healthy. Here are some things pool owners should know about pool pumps. You will find this information especially beneficial when it’s time to think about replacing your pool pump.     The basic principle of the.. read more →