Anti-Vortex Drain Can Save Lives

A couple of years ago, a little girl got caught in the drain at a large swimming pool here in the Valley of the Sun. The suction pinned her down and killed her. That tragedy sparked a lot of change in the industry. The best thing to come out of it is the new anti-vortex.. read more →

Pets and Pools

Most household pets — cats and dogs — naturally know how to swim. Many breeds of dogs love being in the water, while others will avoid it at all cost. Cats generally don’t want to get wet, but they can still fall in the pool when startled by trick or treaters, being chased, or just.. read more →

How harmful is chlorine on your eyes?

Halfway through our Phoenix summer and you’ve probably spent hours in your swimming. So you probably already know that chlorine can dry out your skin, but did you also know that chlorine can be hard on your eyes as well? Temporary effects occur when the cornea is submerged and its protective tear film is washed.. read more →

What is a swimming pool alarm?

Swimming pool alarms are designed alert adults when kids fall into the pool. These were really hot about five years ago, but have slipped in popularity, mostly because they were less than reliable, at least not as perfected or reliable as a fire alarm for you home. The first type of alarm is a water.. read more →

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools can provide hours of entertainment for children and families. But pool play can also be incredibly dangerous, so there are some swimming pool safety rules you should follow to keep your children and families safe this summer. Pool safety tips: An adult should always be present when children are in the pool. Adults.. read more →

Pool Safety and Pets

There are dozens of breeds of dogs who love the family swimming pool, and even a few cats breeds that enjoy swimming. However, pets can be at risk of drowning unless you have some safety measures in place. Most animal drownings occur at night, when no one is around to assist the animal if it.. read more →

Pool Safety Out of the Pool

It’s important to “watch your kids around water,” as the public safety announcements on TV tell you.It’s also important to watch yourself around the water. In this respect, brushing your pool comes to mind. It’s important to be safe as you brush. The safest way is to brush as you walk forward. I am a.. read more →