05 Feb 2015

Don’t Let Your Swimming Pool Stand

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3729 E. GELDING 4

Words of warning … don’t let your pool stand without cleaning it.

As you can see by the photos, this swimming pool owner let the pool stand for over a year. While the owner did keep chlorine in it and kept the bugs out, he did no maintenance and let all the debris fell into the pool. He thought as long as he did the minimum of maintenance and let the pool stand, that it could still be cleaned.

Wrong! The muck was a foot thick at the bottom of the pool and the debris had hopelessly stained the plaster. We had to drain the pool, shovel out the foot of muck, and re-plaster the entire pool, refill and put in new chemicals. In addition, because the pool stood for so long, we had to do additional maintenance on all the equipment.

This was a costly mistake for the pool owner, so, in short, don’t let you pool stand without cleaning it.


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