18 Mar 2013

Four Steps to Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Pool maintenance is not terribly difficult, but it is critical to the life and health of your swimming pool. There are really four things you must do. Once you learn the steps, it typically takes about an hour each week.

1. Be Regular — Pick a day each week to care for your swimming pool. Try not to deviate because adding chemicals should be done as regularly as possible.

2. Clean — First, net the floating debris from the top and bottom of the pool. Then brush down the walls, steps and floor of the pool with a long-handled pool brush. Finally, clean the filtration systems.

3. Maintenance — Perform any equipment maintenance necessary, like back flushing the sand filter, cleaning all your baskets (pump & skimmer) for example.

4. Add Chemicals — Add necessary chemicals once per week. Only use high quality chemicals to treat your pool. More and more pool supply stores are carrying products with higher and higher amounts of calcium or other fillers mixed into the chlorine. The more fillers, the more potential for cloudy water, more frequent algae bursts and the faster your water hardens, and the sooner you will have to drain and refill your pool. Mosttimes, poor products can produce little or NO results which can not only be expensive but very frustrating.

While these steps are relatively simple, you wouldn’t believe how many people just let their pool sit over the winter months. Then they are surprised in the spring when their pool “suddenly” turns green. Well, there is no suddenly about it. Without proper care and maintenance, those little green algae buds are just waiting for warm weather to ambush your pool.

If you don’t feel up to the challenge of maintaining your own swimming pool (in ground or above), spa, pump, filtration system, etc., Pool People is ready to help! Located in Glendale, Arizona, Pool People provides regular pool and spa cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pool remodeling, pool and spa repairs, as well as tile cleaning for residents of the Northwest Valley on Phoenix.


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