28 Feb 2016

How long should my swimming pool cleaner last?

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As pool owner, you know that the equipment isn’t going to last forever. So what is a reasonable lifespan for the pool vacuum or cleaner?

There are so many brands and types of cleaners, that it is hard to pin point an exact life span. As a general rule, however, if you pay less than $300, the cleaner should last 1-2 seasons. If you pay more than $500, it will likely last 3-4 seasons. You get what you pay for.

Of course, the lifespan can be extended with proper maintenance. Every cleaner has from 2 – 5 wear components. Every season, pull the cleaner out and replace those parts even if they don’t appear to be bad. Those components can be the feet, wings, paws, rollers, tires, you name it. Any good pool store can do the maintenance for you.

While you are doing the maintenance on the cleaner, you should also be checking the hoses every season to make sure there are no cracks or breaks. There is an easy trick to quickly cheap — while the cleaner is running, slowly pull the hose out of the pool hand over hand. You’ll hear a leak if you have one at that point.

Regardless of type, if the cleaner moves too fast through the pool it isn’t working to the best of its’ ability. Slow it down and let it do its job. A pool cleaner shouldn’t run any faster than it takes to gently place one foot in front of the other. Running faster means parts wear out more quickly and the cleaner is moving too fast to pick up anything. A good indicator that you pool cleaner is running to fast is if it is climbing the walls. The cleaner should not climb more than 12 inches up the wall.


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