20 Jun 2014

Monsoon Proof Your Swimming Pool

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Monsoon is upon us. Monsoon season means that our prevailing winds have shifted to the southeast and are starting to bring moisture laden air up from the tropics. Officially, Monsoon begins on June 15, but long-time residents know that Monsoon really gets rolling when we have three consecutive days of 55 degree dew point or higher. The earliest start to Monsoon ever recorded was in 1925 when the rains came on June 16. The latest start date was July 25, 1987.

So, aside from covering your pool and leaving Phoenix for three months (don’t we wish), here are five things you can do to Monsoon proof your swimming pool.

1) When you see the storms coming, turn your pumps and filters on. Get circulation going and skim the debris off before it gets water logged and sinks to the bottom.
2) Remove anything that can blow into the pool to a safe spot (at least 20 feet away, especially if made of glass).
3) Use algaecides (copper or silver based) and tri-clor (granular shock) on a regular basis – every other week.
4) Make sure the chlorine level is up in preparation for all the debris that will get tossed into your pool.
5) Once the storm is over, get debris out of the pool as quickly as possible. The more the debris stays in the pool the more food algae has to feed on and the more likely your pool is to go green.