23 Jan 2015

Swimming Pool Heaters Need Love, Too!

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Most pool owners who have pool heaters don’t run their heaters during the summer. And when they try to turn them on, surprise, they aren’t working!

A simple way to prevent this kind of surprise is to turn on the pool heater every three to four months and let it run for at least 20 minutes. Heaters with blowers on them especially need to be run and maintained. Be sure to clean out debris from the blower before turning it on, otherwise you are likely to burn up the blower.

We at Pool People think the best brand of pool heater is made by Raypak — they have 50 years of experience under their belts making pool heaters. Twelve years ago, two of the big companies, who hadn’t made heater before, started making them. They added the blowers to the heaters for efficiency or so they said. Until then, all we had were the draft heaters. Raypak is the only company to still making these draft heaters and since the systems are simpler, a lot less can go wrong with them. Blower heaters require a lot more maintenance. Draft heaters just seem to last longer and since draft and blower heaters are roughly the same price, we choose draft heaters.


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