05 Sep 2013

Vacuuming your swimming pool manually

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As the end of Monsoon season approaches, the weather will get wilder for a few weeks. And that means lots more debris in the swimming pools of Phoenix residents. This could mean you need to step up your swimming pool maintenance and vacuum your pool manually to get all the crud out.

In point of fact, vacuuming your pool manually is the oldest method for cleaning the floor and walls of your pool. It’s really pretty simple. You get a vacuum hose and put one end in skimmer and the other you hook up to vacuum head. Then you run the head across the floor of the pool picking up dirt and debris … in fact, it is a lot like vacuuming the floor of your home.

Manually vacuuming your swimming pool also happens to be the most effective way of cleaning the pool as well. While technology has advanced, no cleaner is perfect. There’s nothing built yet to beat good, old-fashioned human know how. Manual vacuuming is a great way to clean the pool floor after a storm when there is a lot of debris in pool and it is the only way to get the pool clean if there is no cleaning system.

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