15 Feb 2016

What happens under the pool cover?

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Putting a cover over your swimming pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can walk away and forget about it. Pool People suggests you check under the cover at least once per month. Algae is a living plant and heat can cause it to grow. A particularly warm winter here in Phoenix can spell disaster for the unwary pool owner. So take a peek at least once per month and check the chemicals in the pool.

We also receive a lot of questions from people wanting to know when to take off the pool cover. The answer is, when the temperature at night time reaches 60 degrees and above, it is time to remove the cover.

Taking cover off is one of the biggest challenges because if you reel it in without some preparation all the dirt and leaves you were trying to prevent will get dumped into your clean pool. The trick is to have a couple of people to do the job. Have someone reel while someone with a wet dry vacuum sucks up the leaves and dirt. If you have a cover that isn’t on a reel, it may take a couple more sets of hands to lift it to one side and then vacuum off the debris.
Don’t wait too long to remove the cover or your pool make look like the Sargasso Sea.


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