30 Jun 2014

What is a swimming pool alarm?

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Swimming pool alarms are designed alert adults when kids fall into the pool. These were really hot about five years ago, but have slipped in popularity, mostly because they were less than reliable, at least not as perfected or reliable as a fire alarm for you home.

The first type of alarm is a water motion detector. It detects water movement or waves. Of course, around Phoenix one of the problems is the winds. On a really windy day, the alarm may keep going off. Unfortunately, if you make it less sensitive, it might not go off when you want it to.

The second type of alarm is a motion detector set up around the pool’s edge. Anyone breaking the beam of light will trigger the alarm. Again, the problem is that the alarm will sound when anything breaks the beam of light — wind-blown debris, animals and big bugs even can set it off.

We at Pool People believe the best thing to keep your kids safe is to put in a security fence and securely locked gate around the pool. Remember to keep chairs, boxes and other items away from the fence so children are unable to climb over the fence and access the pool. The second way we think works great to keep kids safe is to install a pool cover over the pool, only rolling it back when the pool is in use.