30 May 2014

What to do if you get broken glass in your swimming pool

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Summer in Phoenix brings storms of gigantic proportions including microburst and straight line winds that really pack a punch. It isn’t surprising then, that Pool People gets several calls after each storm with our client reporting their glass top patio tables or other glass objects have blown into the swimming pool and shattered.

Do not try to clean the glass out by yourself. Those tiny pieces of glass are nearly invisible in water. About the only way you are going to find them for sure is by stepping on them — not the best option! Even worse, using your pool vacuum system is a great way to damage it, the filters and everything else. The glass will cut the filtration system to ribbons and it can be a costly mistake to try and take care of the problem by yourself.

The best way to get shattered glass out of the pool is to have it professionally drained, cleaned out and then refilled. It’s a lot less costly than replacing the entire filtration system.