07 Nov 2012

Why is My Pool Cloudy?

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   Everyone wants their pool water to be crystal clear. Sometimes your pool is clear of any algae, the chemical levels are properly balanced, the filter is clean and running, yet the water is cloudy or dull. Why is that? 

   Cloudy pool water is caused by a variety of conditions: high swimmer use, storms, and nearby construction sites. If all this debris were extracted and compacted in a milk carton you’d call it mud. These particles of dust are so small they pass through the pool filter and circulate back into the pool, never getting a chance to drop to the bottom of your pool. 

   This is a common occurance and happens in all types of filtering systems: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceaous earth. Clouding occurs more often in sand filters because it’s the least efficient at removing the smaller particles. (Remember though, if you have a sand filter, you have it because its the easiest to maintain).

   The solution to this problem is a product called pool clarifier. Clarifier causes those tiny particles to group together into bunches, large enough to be trapped by the pool filter. If you have a D.E. filter (diatomaceous earth): BEWARE! Most pool clarifiers cannot be used in this type of filter. This is because the active ingredient in clarifiers will clog up the filtering agent in the D.E. filter. 

   When adding clarifier be sure to follow the instructions which will direct you to dilute the clarifier in a bucket before adding to your pool. Run your filter four hours after using the product and your pool will sparkle!


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