Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

One step in swimming pool maintenance is keeping the tile clean. Many of the chemicals used these days in pools are of poor quality and are full of fillers like calcium. That calcium can accumulate on the tile at the edge of the pool, making it unsightly. Nearly all pool tiles are made or porcelain,.. read more →

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools can provide hours of entertainment for children and families. But pool play can also be incredibly dangerous, so there are some swimming pool safety rules you should follow to keep your children and families safe this summer. Pool safety tips: An adult should always be present when children are in the pool. Adults.. read more →

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool maintenance in Arizona can be challenging and requires many well-balanced elements to maintain a clean and tranquil pool including filters, pumps, chemicals and more. One major element of pool maintenance is mechanical aid that will clean the pool floor and walls and help pick up debris. That’s where pressure side pool cleaners come.. read more →

Pool Safety and Pets

There are dozens of breeds of dogs who love the family swimming pool, and even a few cats breeds that enjoy swimming. However, pets can be at risk of drowning unless you have some safety measures in place. Most animal drownings occur at night, when no one is around to assist the animal if it.. read more →