The Advantages of Water Exercise

Swimming is one of the best physical fitness exercises available. The buoyancy and low-impact provided by water allows nearly everyone to be able to get healthful exercise. When immersed to the waist, your body bears just 50% of its weight; 25%-35% when immersed to the chest and just 10% when up to the neck. Swimming.. read more →

26 Jul 2013
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Salt versus Fresh Water Swimming Pools

Many of our clients at Pool People ask us about changing their swimming pools from fresh to salt water. Our women clients tell us how much they love the feel of salt water and how kind it is on their skin. We always ask our clients how much that feeling is worth, because when all.. read more →

Sun tan lotions and swimming pools

Have you ever wondered why public swimming pools require guests to shower before getting into the pool? It is in the hopes that a shower will help remove much of natural and sun tan oils from your skin before you jump in. Sun tan lotions are oil based and that oil is very unfriendly to.. read more →

Tips on Brushing Down Your Swimming Pool

Brushing down the sides, bottom and steps of your pool is a critical step in swimming pool maintenance, especially in the Phoenix metro area, when dust storms can dump tons of debris into the pool. Brushing away accumulated dirt particles is one way to help prevent algae from growing. Preventing dirt and algae buildup helps.. read more →