What to do if you get broken glass in your swimming pool

Summer in Phoenix brings storms of gigantic proportions including microburst and straight line winds that really pack a punch. It isn’t surprising then, that Pool People gets several calls after each storm with our client reporting their glass top patio tables or other glass objects have blown into the swimming pool and shattered. Do not.. read more →

Swimming Pool Grout

Pool People regularly get calls on two common complaints about swimming pool tile and grout. The most common is … how do we clean the grout? The bad news is, there isn’t really an efficient way to clean grout. Dirt and calcium creeps into the porous sruface and is virtually impossible to get out. We.. read more →

Top 5 Things to do to get Swimming Pools’ Blue

The scorching summer months will soon be upon us here in Phoenix. Swimming pools will be in high demand and see their peak usage May – September. That means homeowners need to step up their swimming pool maintenance if they want to keep their pools clear and blue. A pool that has been ignored will.. read more →