Spring Pool Maintenance Checklist

March means spring in the deserts of Arizona. Temps can soar into the 90s. Warmer temperatures mean your swimming pool needs more maintenance. So here is a checklist to help keep your pool clean and clear during the spring season: • Spring maintenance on equipment — check to make sure your pumps are clean, filters.. read more →

March Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

March means warmer temperatures in Phoenix, and warmer temperatures mean an explosion of algae growth. Once the temperatures climb into the 80s and your pool warms up, it is time to step up the amount of chlorine you use. It is also time to begin adding algaecide to your pool if you haven’t been doing.. read more →

Worst Case of Mustard Algae, EVER!

I ran into the worst case of mustard/green algae I’ve seen in a long long time. It was a wowser. The owner was treating the pool with chlorine all winter long and the water was blue and clear. However, the owner neglected to treat it with an algaecide. The algae finally got so strong and.. read more →