22 Aug 2016

A Pre-Filter for Swimming Pools

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As an old pool guy, I have seen plenty in all my years of cleaning and repairing swimming pools. As the old saying goes, “They don’t build them like the used to.” For instance, I just replaced a 40-year-old pump and motor for a client. Not sure, but that might be a record for that particularly make and model. Its replacement is likely to last only five to seven years. In any case, not much impresses me with the new equipment these days. But every once in a while, something comes along that gets me excited.

That happened recently with a new centrifugal pre-filter system that has just hit the market. This piece of equipment is attached to the pump and before the filtration system. It works by spinning the water. The centrifugal force separates dust and dirt out (particles as small as 10 microns) and sends the cleaner water into the filtration system. Since it has no moving parts and uses no power, there is no wear and tear and nothing to break down. In addition, by turning a valve, the crud is quickly and easily purged. That means the unit also doesn’t require any cleaning other than emptying the crud from time to time and a couple of gallons of water to rinse it.

This nifty little system can pretty much be installed on any pool application. The beauty is that it gets rid of so much dirt and debris that it can significantly prolong the life of your filtration system. The only downside is that this little gem it won’t filter out anything smaller than 10 microns. That means that if your pool ever turns cloudy, this system alone won’t clear it up. Hence the need to retain your filtration system.

Can’t wait to try it on my own pool!