12 Nov 2014

I’ve talked a lot about green pools, algae and the uphill battle to fight it. I’m currently helping a client battle a green pool right now. By all rights, this pool shouldn’t stay as clean as it does. It’s got a 50 foot pine tree standing over it, a nearby olive tree and stuff drops in the pool all the time and a truly ancient pool pump that was installed when the house was new in 1974. My client works hard to keep it clean and does most of her own maintenance, and she keeps it pristine.

In fact, she made it all the way through the summer with only a clog in the pipes when a microburst hit the area and dumped so much debris in the pool the system was overwhelmed. Oddly enough, it was the last rain of the season that was her undoing. It turned the pool green.
Because she’s a savvy pool owner, she had taken all the right steps, but unbeknownst to her, the water in the pool was getting close to becoming so hard it couldn’t absorb chemicals. So while she treated with algaecide and chlorine, the water just wouldn’t clear. That’s when she called me in. I added more algaecide and topped up the chlorine and we were on our way to a clear pool. But with the hard water, the chlorine level just wouldn’t stay up. So within a week, we were back to a lovely jade shade.

Here’s the bad news. Once you treat with algaecide, but don’t get rid of the algae, it gets tougher and fights back. It becomes resistant to the treatments and we had to add even more chemicals. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work, the next step is to drain the pool and refill.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how the story turns out in a couple of weeks!

CR Moreth, Owner, Pool People


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