What is Diatomaceous Earth And How Does it Make My Pool Clean?

   Diatomaceous earth. That’s a mouthful, and it’s the reason everyone calls it DE. It sounds rather sinister, don’t you think? But it’s not. It’s quite common. Most people, whether they’ve heard of it or not, come in contact with it every single day! I’ll tell you about then I’ll tell you why it is.. read more →

The Sand Filter

  It seems counterintuitive to use sand to filter the water in your pool, but this is considered the best filtering system for your pool. In truth, it doesn’t clean your pool as well as the other filtering systems (which I’ll discuss in another blog entry) but it’s the most popular because it’s the easiest.. read more →

Let Me Pump You Up!

     Just as your heart pumps blood throughout your body, your pool must have a pump to keep it healthy. Here are some things pool owners should know about pool pumps. You will find this information especially beneficial when it’s time to think about replacing your pool pump.     The basic principle of the.. read more →

Why is My Pool Cloudy?

   Everyone wants their pool water to be crystal clear. Sometimes your pool is clear of any algae, the chemical levels are properly balanced, the filter is clean and running, yet the water is cloudy or dull. Why is that?     Cloudy pool water is caused by a variety of conditions: high swimmer use, storms,.. read more →

The Dark Horse of All Algaes

Black algae is the dark horse of all algaes. It is the most difficult to eliminate and cure. It’s rarely a chemical problem. Unlike the other kinds of algae which require special chemicals, what you normally need to fight black algae is chlorine.    Black algae is really a surface condition. As your pool ages.. read more →