10 Apr 2015

Battling the Green Monster

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So temperatures in the Valley of the Sun broke that magic mark of 90 in March and suddenly Pool People is hip deep in the green monster (sometimes literally) and battling mustard, green and black algae all over the place. Part of that is due to neglect over the winter months by owners. That’s why we urge owners to give the pool the same care as they would during the summer months.

Even if you have sort of ignored your pool during the winter months, its time to take charge. There are some steps every swimming pool owner should take now to keep from having to battle that green monster — algae.

1) Set the pump and filter to run longer hours now that warmer days are here.
2) Keep the pool clean of debris – that’s been difficult with all the wind as the seasons change — but it is critical to deprive algae of as much of its food sources as possible.
3) Clean the filters more frequently when more debris is falling into the pool.
4) Check chemicals a couple of times per week to make sure your PH is balance and you are using enough chlorine. Remember to use the highest quality chemicals possible. Lots of stores sell chemicals with more filler than useful chemical.
5) Begin treating with an algaecide if you haven’t been doing it.

Feel free to drop by our store in Glendale (5830 W Thunderbird Rd #6) or call us (623-362-8888) if you have pool care questions or need help battling your green monster.