19 May 2015

Best Swimming Pool Brushes

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Part of keeping a pool blue, clear and clean is regular maintenance, and that mean brushing down the walls and floors on a regular basis. In general, there are five kinds of brushes for you to choose from and the difference really stem from what they are made of, not shape or size.

The first type of brush is pretty cheap and made of plastic. They generally last one season. The next step up is a brush with a metal back and plastic bristles. This type of brush may generally last longer than one season. The third type of brush is a made with a nylon bristle and metal back. These will last two or three seasons. Next is a combo stainless steel brush mixed with nylon. These work great on pebble tech or black algae in plaster and last two or three seasons. Finally is an all stainless steel brush that will last at least three or maybe four seasons.

The first three types of brushes are all used for regular maintenance on the pool for brushing down plaster or pebble tech. They’ll all do the same thing, but the nylon/metal will last longest. The stainless steel brushes work best on nasty stains or black algae.

Pool People carries all varieties of brushes at our store in Glendale. Stop by if you have questions and we will help you select the right brush for your needs.