Can Swimming Pool Equipment Freeze in Southern Arizona?

Despite our billing as the Valley of the Sun, Arizona can have mean streaks of cold weather — like the first week of January’s repeated freeze warnings. Pool equipment can freeze in southern Arizona although really it has to drop to 25 degrees at night for about five days. That’s how long it takes the.. read more →

Tips for Covering Your Swimming Pool During the Winter Months

Although it is rare in Phoenix, a few owners do cover their swimming pools during the winter months. In other parts of Arizona, this is much more common. In either case, there are a few things you need to know to avoid some ugly surprises in the spring. • First, super chlorinate the pool before.. read more →

Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool This Fall

Fall in Arizona means you can finally acid or chemical wash your swimming pool to get rid of algae or other stains. Why wait until fall? Summer heat will crack the plaster in an empty pool, so acid and chemical washes must wait until cooler temperatures arrive. There are two major kinds of washes, acid.. read more →

Fall Pool Maintenance

As summer winds down here in Phoenix, swimming pool maintenance becomes easier for homeowners. Here are some pool maintenance tips to follow as the days get cooler and the nights get longer. Chemicals During the summer months, pools use a lot more chemicals due to evaporation and heavy use. With lower temperatures, you’ll be able.. read more →

What a Shock!

Monsoon storms, haboobs, hail … all can dump tons of debris, dust and even little critters that live in raindrops into your swimming pool. The end of the storm season tends to be particularly wild here in the Southwest. After a big storm, we at Pool People recommend using a product known as Shock. It.. read more →

Why is chemical quality so important during Monsoon Season?

Monsoon season in Phoenix is an extremely tough time for swimming pool maintenance for many reasons. High temperatures cause water and chemicals to evaporate from the pool very quickly. Dust and wind storms drop debris into pools. And finally, torrential rains can add even more dust and debris to your pool. That means you need.. read more →

Monsoon Proof Your Swimming Pool

Monsoon is upon us. Monsoon season means that our prevailing winds have shifted to the southeast and are starting to bring moisture laden air up from the tropics. Officially, Monsoon begins on June 15, but long-time residents know that Monsoon really gets rolling when we have three consecutive days of 55 degree dew point or.. read more →

What to do if you get broken glass in your swimming pool

Summer in Phoenix brings storms of gigantic proportions including microburst and straight line winds that really pack a punch. It isn’t surprising then, that Pool People gets several calls after each storm with our client reporting their glass top patio tables or other glass objects have blown into the swimming pool and shattered. Do not.. read more →

Swimming Pool Grout

Pool People regularly get calls on two common complaints about swimming pool tile and grout. The most common is … how do we clean the grout? The bad news is, there isn’t really an efficient way to clean grout. Dirt and calcium creeps into the porous sruface and is virtually impossible to get out. We.. read more →

Preparing diving boards and slides for summer

Getting your diving board and slide ready for summer does take some maintenance and a few safety checks. On slides, first check the tubing that feed the water to the slide to make sure it isn’t cracked, leaking or plugged and that water is flowing freely. Next, check the on/off valve to make sure you.. read more →