Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

One step in swimming pool maintenance is keeping the tile clean. Many of the chemicals used these days in pools are of poor quality and are full of fillers like calcium. That calcium can accumulate on the tile at the edge of the pool, making it unsightly. Nearly all pool tiles are made or porcelain,.. read more →

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool maintenance in Arizona can be challenging and requires many well-balanced elements to maintain a clean and tranquil pool including filters, pumps, chemicals and more. One major element of pool maintenance is mechanical aid that will clean the pool floor and walls and help pick up debris. That’s where pressure side pool cleaners come.. read more →

Which Swimming Pool Filter is Best for My Pool?

The choice of a swimming pool filter is one that will affect your pocketbook, so it is important to make the choice that is right for you. There are three types of filter systems to consider — sand, diatomaceous earth, or cartridge filters. Sand Filter A sand filter is basically a tank filled with silica.. read more →

Do I need an Aerator for my Swimming Pool?

An aerator is a water feature that sprays water out over a swimming pool. The thought is that aerators helps oxygenate the water lower the water temperature of the pool, although there are a wide variety of opinions that this is actually effective. A secondary purpose is to prevent the pool from becoming stagnant and.. read more →

Auto-Chlorination for Swimming Pools

Auto-chlorinators are an old school method but extremely effective way of making sure your swimming pool stays sparkling and clear. An automatic swimming pool chlorinator cuts down on the amount of time required for swimming pool maintenance and in the time spent handling the chemicals for your pool. In addition, they are especially handy if.. read more →

Netting and Swimming Pool Maintenance

Removing the debris that blows or drops into your swimming pool is a key element of swimming pool maintenance. The less time the debris has to break down or sink, the cleaner your pool will stay. Netting the debris daily or even several times a day in windy conditions is critical. So it is important.. read more →

Care for Pool Toys

Swimming pool toys are a great way to liven up your child’s play time. However, parents must be on the lookout and child proof both the pool area and the pool toys. Most parents’ worst feat is drowning, but there are other hazards of pool time play such as cuts and bruises, and sometimes choking.. read more →

Swimming Pool Suction Cleaners

Swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix become critical during the summer months. Monsoon storms can wash tons of debris, dust and dirt into pools, providing the ideal breeding ground for algae. Suction cleaners are probably the most common form of swimming pool cleaners, and there are three types — rollers, walkers and self-propelled models. Rollers have.. read more →

Checking Chemical Levels in Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix, Arizona, has a unique set of challenges. Unlike many parts of the country, it never really gets that cold, which means algae can flourish. In addition, Phoenix is blessed with 340+ days of sunshine per year. Those burning rays can be harsh on the water in your pool, not to.. read more →

Four Steps to Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is not terribly difficult, but it is critical to the life and health of your swimming pool. There are really four things you must do. Once you learn the steps, it typically takes about an hour each week. 1. Be Regular — Pick a day each week to care for your swimming pool… read more →