What Type of Chlorine Should I Use?

The most frequently asked swimming pool maintenance questions is … “What type of chlorine should I use?” That’s not always an easy question to answer, and our answer is almost always, “That depends on your pool and on various usage and weather conditions.” Specifically, the type of chlorine you use depends on many factors about.. read more →

What is Diatomaceous Earth And How Does it Make My Pool Clean?

   Diatomaceous earth. That’s a mouthful, and it’s the reason everyone calls it DE. It sounds rather sinister, don’t you think? But it’s not. It’s quite common. Most people, whether they’ve heard of it or not, come in contact with it every single day! I’ll tell you about then I’ll tell you why it is.. read more →

Why is My Pool Cloudy?

   Everyone wants their pool water to be crystal clear. Sometimes your pool is clear of any algae, the chemical levels are properly balanced, the filter is clean and running, yet the water is cloudy or dull. Why is that?     Cloudy pool water is caused by a variety of conditions: high swimmer use, storms,.. read more →

The Shocking Truth About Granular Chlorine

I continue to be shocked by those who use granular chlorine instead of tabs to regularly chlorinate their pools. These people think granular is heavy duty chlorine. Well, it is, but there is no reason to use it instead of tabs. Admittedly, the packaging certainly makes it look like an alternative to tabs. But let.. read more →

Tips on Tabs

Chlorine tablets, or tabs, are the most popular method of chlorinating your pool. And for good reason: they are easy to handle, measure, and place in your pool. But there is a “dark side” to these white discs. I’ll tell you two secrets about tabs.   First, look at how they are packaged. The buckets.. read more →

Brushing Up On Brushing

Dentists will tell you there are right and wrong techniques when brushing your teeth. You’ll be glad to hear you don’t need to brush your pool after each meal. Pools only need brushing once a week. You’ll get maximum benefit when you brush down your pool if you follow these simple techniques: Before you start–and.. read more →

Two Good Reasons to Brush

Brushing your pool is one of the easiest and most basic ways to care for it, yet many ignore this important maintenance task. Pool professionals know it’s important to brush your pool at least once a week. There are two reasons for brushing once a week. The first is to protect your pool’s plaster. Brush.. read more →