15 Aug 2015

There are three forms of chlorine that swimming pool owners have at their disposal … tab, granular and liquid. Each has different uses.

Tab chlorine should be used for regular maintenance of your swimming pool. It is slow dissolving and keeps a steady stream of chemicals entering your pool.

Granular chlorine is what we call “shock.” It is quick dissolving and quickly boosts chlorine levels, but also disperses very quickly. The idea of shocking a pool is to boost the level of chlorine very high very quickly, to prevent algae and bacteria from taking over. More often than not, we use shock after a Monsoon storm to combat the dust and debris carried into the pool by storms winds and rain. Even the best maintained pools need shock from time to time. Algae can become resistant to chlorine and your pool may turn cloudy or green despite your best efforts — then it is time to shock your pool and they algae in it.

Last but not least is liquid chlorine. Again, this isn’t recommended for regular maintenance, but rather to boost chlorine levels very quickly. The disadvantage is that liquid chlorine is already evaporating even as your pour it into the pool, which means it lasts only 24 – 36 hours at most. Still, it is a great way to boost chlorine fast and it great for use after a storm that has dumped tons of debris into your pool. Another nasty, sneaky surprise about liquid chlorine is that it contains tons of total dissolved solids. About 1.5 lbs of every gallons is salts that your are adding to your pool.

The most important thing to remember is to buy the best quality chemicals you can — whether you are using tab, granular or liquid chlorine. Cheap chemicals have huge amounts of fillers (as much as 89% of the product is filler) and little effective chemicals. Fillers harden your water making it unable to absorb chemicals. Then you have to use more chemicals. It is a nasty cycle. Look on the label and buy chemicals that have 99% chlorine.
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