25 Oct 2013

Fall is a Great Time for Swimming Pool Maintenance

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For most of the folks in Phoenix, unless you have a heated pool, the swim season is over. But that doesn’t mean you should get lazy. Even though you aren’t using your pool, it still needs maintenance and repairs. Don’t defer that maintenance or the needed repairs until spring! And here’s why…

1) In the Spring, your pool company is likely to be swamped with calls from other customers who didn’t do their maintenance over the winter. So you won’t have the speedy service you can get right now.

2) Letting a maintenance or repair problem go because you aren’t using the pool isn’t smart. What may be a minor problem now (and easily fixable) can turn into a major problem next Spring. More than likely, it’ll end up costing you more money if you wait.

3) People People has the time and energy to come help with any swimming pool maintenance and repair problems right now. We are loving the cool weather and can’t wait to help with your problem!