31 Jan 2016

Is it possible for swimming pool plumbing to freeze in Phoenix?

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Temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the Phoenix area, but it has happened and probably will again. Generally, such temperatures only happen at night. If the temperature drops to 32 degrees, you are probably still safe since that is the low for the night and won’t last long. However, if temps drop into the 20s, then there can be cause to worry about your swimming pool.
Luckily, there is an easy fix. If it is going to be below freezing for an extended period, turn your pool pump on for the night. Standing water can freeze in the pump, expand and crack the casing, although it is extremely unusual. By turning on your pool pump, you keep water moving so it cannot freeze.

It is also important to keep your fountains and hot tubs running during extended cold period as well to protect them from possible damage and freezing.


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