15 Nov 2015

More rain, more cloudy pools

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With one of the strongest El Nino seasons on record coming our way, we stand about a 60% chance to receive higher than normal precipitation this winter — particularly in the months of January, February and March. More rain probably means a lot more cloudy swimming pools.

Why? Rain water can affect your swimming pool’s chemistry — in particular, rain water can be acidic and affect the pH balance of your pool. When the ph balance is off, the chlorine isn’t as effective — it sort of has a harder time dissolving into the water. Then your pool turns cloudy. In addition, after a heavy rain, you also add a lot of extra water to the pool which can dilute the chemistry (chlorine, etc.)

After light showers, you don’t need to really do much to the pool. However, after a heavy rainfall, you should break out the test strips and look at the pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels. In general, at Pool People, we recommend you boost the chlorine levels after each big storm just to keep up with all the dust, dirt and even microscopic critters that are dumped into your pool.


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