15 Sep 2015

No Draino for Swimming Pools

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Blockages are one of the most common problems we at Pool People run into. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Draino to take care of the problem.

Blockages occur when debris either clogs the hose that runs from the pool vacuum to the skimmer, or in the lines that run underground between the skimmer and the pump.

The first step is to figure out where the blockage is located. That’s pretty simple. Just unhook the vacuum. If the water flow is strong into the skimmer, then the blockage is most likely in the hose. If you still have slow flow, then the blockage is in the underground line.

If the problem is in the hose that runs to the skimmer, the problem is relatively easy to solve. Pull the sections of hose apart and look into them. If you see a blockage, carefully thread the handle of a broom into the hose section and push the blockage out the other end.

If the problem is between the skimmer and the pump (underground), there’s only one solution. You need to call Pool People. We use a high pressure air pump to blow the blockage out of the line. Warning, do not stand too close. The pressure we use often blows water and debris 30 feet in the air. You wouldn’t believe how many people disregard our warnings and end of covered in gunk!

For parents with small children, the blockages almost always occur from small toys that get sucked into the lines — small balls, toy soldiers, tiny trucks — you name it, we’ve seen it all. For some reason, kids are mesmerized by the swirl of water into the skimmer. In their little minds, the next step is to flush small items down the drain. We’ll bet on it, even for parents who swear their kids haven’t been playing with small toys near the pool.