29 Nov 2014

These filters are well past their prime!

These filters are well past their prime!

You’ll recall that in the last blog, I was helping a client with her green pool. We discovered her pool water has hit the low end of the red zone on water hardness. Remember that the harder the water, the less likely it is to absorb chemicals. Pool water hardens at about 10% per year, which may mean the pool owner has a year or two left before the pool must be drained and refilled.

After a long weekend for the pool owner of dumping small amounts of chemicals (algaecides) in the pool every couple of hours, brushing continually, cleaning the filters and skimming, the pool was finally starting to clear. But she was having more and more difficulty getting the filter cartridges cleaned up. Keep in mind that her pool equipment is ancient, but still game, and almost no one even remembers that the filters in her pool are still manufactured. In point of fact, when I go into the place that wholesales pool supplies to distributors like me, I have to ask them to fetch one of the older pool guys, because the youngster look at me blankly when I ask for this type of filter.

One I discovered the filter cartridges and the pool pump ran for 24 hours, the rest of cloudiness and faint green tint went away!

You might say my client experienced the perfect storm of things gone wrong … including soft rain carrying plenty of food sources for algae, low chlorine, hard water, and bad filters. Oh yes, her old motor has old-fashioned copper blades that are paper thin and starting to chip, so the pump isn’t moving as much water as it should. In short, it just wasn’t enough to get rid of algae fast enough. And although the problem has cleared for now, she’s not out of the woods yet. Part of what is helping the pool clear is the cooler temperatures, which is not allowing the algae to bloom and is allowing the chemicals time to work. In short, when temperatures warm up in the spring, we could end up right back where we started, with a yucky green pool.

If that happens, we will keep you in the loop on the details.

CR Moreth
Owner, Pool People


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