06 Dec 2013

Not all swimming pool skimmer nets are created equal

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Winter storms in Phoenix often come with lots of wind as cold fronts sweep into the state. Wind means lots of debris in the pool. Skimmer nets are just one of many tools that will help keep your swimming pool sparkling clean.

There are two categories of skimmer nets – flat and scoop. Flat nets are designed to very simply skim off the top of the water. Sadly, it is virtually impossible to get anything off the bottom of the pool with a flat net. Scoop nets have a deep pocket that allows you to skim the top and bottom of the pool.

In the world of skimmer nets, there are three things to look for when choose the proper net. The first is to look at what the netting is made out of. The second is to look at what the frame is made out of? And finally, does it have a bent lip (titled out at a 45 degree angle) versus a straight edge.

Ideally, a good skimmer net will have a metal frame, nylon netting and a bent lip. The good nets will last two or three seasons, while the cheap ones will last only one season.

In some parts of the Valley of the Sun, especially during the summer months, there is a curious little white fly that seems to die in droves in swimming pools. Most skimmer nets won’t get these critters out because they are so small they pass through the mesh. However, there is one net (it is white in color with a very fine weave) that will get them out.

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