13 Mar 2014

Preparing diving boards and slides for summer

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Getting your diving board and slide ready for summer does take some maintenance and a few safety checks.

On slides, first check the tubing that feed the water to the slide to make sure it isn’t cracked, leaking or plugged and that water is flowing freely. Next, check the on/off valve to make sure you can turn the water on and off completely. Then check the surface of the slide for cracks or rough spots. Next check to make sure that the poles of the stand aren’t loose or rusting where they are bolted into the deck. Finally, you should wax your slide for summer use. The wax seals the fiberglass, extending the life of the fiberglass and helps you slide be nice and slippery. Most home improvement stores sell the gel coating you need. You should apply it once per year at the beginning of the season.

Diving boards are also made of fiberglass and should have the same gel treatment at the beginning of each season. Check to make sure there is no visible rust on the stand. Make sure the board isn’t rusting or cracking. Make sure bolts aren’t pulling through the board (are flush with the board surface). Finally, check that the non-slip grip surface is in good condition, not worn through and missing.