15 Jun 2015

Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance Pays Off

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Pool People regularly deals with people who neglect their swimming pool maintenance, which is a good thing for us, otherwise we’d probably be out of business. Even though maintenance is our bread and butter, we still feel a bit frustrated when we know a little simple maintenance would help people save a bunch of money.

You don’t need high end equipment to keep a pool, blue clear and clean, just dedication to simple maintenance. Here’s a perfect example. I have a client who has an ancient pool, pump and filters that have been out of circulation for at least 15 years. The plaster is old and rough. In addition, an 80-foot pine tree and 40-foot olive tree that dumps a ton of debris into the pool on a regular basis. By all rights, this pool should be green 10 months of the year, and yet, because my client performs simple maintenance regularly — sometimes even skimming once a day — the pool stay blue, clear and clean. She’s a one-in-a-million client and only calls Pool People when big things break or to find her another set of out-of-date filters!