29 Mar 2015

Spring Pool Maintenance Checklist

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March means spring in the deserts of Arizona. Temps can soar into the 90s. Warmer temperatures mean your swimming pool needs more maintenance.

So here is a checklist to help keep your pool clean and clear during the spring season:
• Spring maintenance on equipment — check to make sure your pumps are clean, filters are clean or replaced, baskets are free of debris and in good repair.

• Check chemicals — lots of people cut back on chlorine during the winter months, so now if the time to step it up before your pool turns green.

• Check TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) — if you water hardness has climbed up, chemicals work more slowly and less effectively, which means you must use more chemicals. Catch 22!

• Check PH — PH rises during the winter months since people put fewer chemicals in their swimming pools – this slows the process of chlorine changing from total into free (working) chlorine, thus giving algae a freer hand to breed. So check your PH levels.

• Resume maintenance routine — if you’ve slacked off during the winter months, it is time to get back in the routine of regular pool maintenance. Be sure to brush the pool down at least once per week as algae loves to feed and breed in the debris on pool walls and floors.

Last but not least, consider a drain and chemical wash to freshen and clean your pool, especially if it has been more than five years!