08 Apr 2013

Swimming Pool Suction Cleaners

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Swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix become critical during the summer months. Monsoon storms can wash tons of debris, dust and dirt into pools, providing the ideal breeding ground for algae. Suction cleaners are probably the most common form of swimming pool cleaners, and there are three types — rollers, walkers and self-propelled models.

Rollers have wheels and are best suited for diving pools 8 feet or deeper. There are two main brands — the 340-Polaris and The Cleaner. The Polaris works on a gear and impeller system and works well. It has only a few main parts, but that can mean it is expensive to repair. The Cleaner is one of our current favorites. It has a simple gear and tire turning system. While it is more expensive, it doesn’t break down as often and need replacement parts, so many pool stores don’t carry it. We do!

Walkers have arms and feet and are better for shallow pools. The most common brand is Hayward. Both the Navigator and Ultra have the exact same design, but a different shell. These have lots of parts and break frequently after the first year.

The self-propelled models push themselves against the pool surface to move and works best in deep pools 8 feet or deeper. The most common brand is the Zodiac Barracuda. It has the least amount of parts and is extremely easy to repair. However, there are many, many clones out there and not all of them have the same quality standard. So let the buyer beware! The one complaint about these types of cleaners is that they have a random pattern that doesn’t always works in some of the curves and corners of pools. They are notorious for having areas of the pool they will not cover. Every time the weather changes they will find a new area to avoid!

If you have questions about what type of suction cleaner you should be using in your swimming pool, come into Pool People and ask us what will work for your pool. Located in Glendale, Arizona, Pool People provides regular pool and spa cleaning, pool and spa maintenance, pool remodeling, pool and spa repairs, as well as tile cleaning for residents of the Northwest Valley in Phoenix. We also have a fully stocked pool store at 5830 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite B-6, Glendale, AZ.


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