Why Use Algaecides in Your Swimming Pool?

When your swimming pool turns green, it means your pool has algae. This happens a lot in Phoenix in the spring when homeowners have not maintained their pool very well during the winter months. No swimming pool is completely free of algae, so when the weather warms, many homeowners are taken by surprise when their.. read more →

20 Feb 2014
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What is an automatic leveler for a swimming pool?

Just like when you flush the toilet and the water rises back to a certain level… that’s what an automatic leveler does for a swimming pool. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to drag the hose out every time the water evaporates out of the pool or you back flush and the.. read more →

30 Jan 2014
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Winter is the time to drain and rinse your pool

Many people are unaware that the water in your swimming pool can wear out! Yep! Every time you add chemicals to your pool, you are adding solids (like calcium) that make the water hard. That makes it harder for the water to absorb more chemicals. Eventually, at about 3,000 parts per million, your water just.. read more →

Should I use a swimming pool cover?

There are two different kinds swimming pool covers — nets and solid covers. The first variety, the net, is designed to be child and animal proof. The net will not allow a child or pet to sink below the surface, but does nothing to warm the pool or protect it from debris. The second variety.. read more →

Not all swimming pool skimmer nets are created equal

Winter storms in Phoenix often come with lots of wind as cold fronts sweep into the state. Wind means lots of debris in the pool. Skimmer nets are just one of many tools that will help keep your swimming pool sparkling clean. There are two categories of skimmer nets – flat and scoop. Flat nets.. read more →

What should I look for in a swimming pool vacuum hose and head?

Swimming pool cleaning systems have gotten pretty advanced, but for people without these advanced gadgets, manually vacuuming the bottom of the pool is still a necessity. And even folks with advanced cleaning system sometimes need more help than their normal system, especially after big storms dump debris in their pool. In both cases, a good.. read more →

Water overflowing from my swimming pool… what should I do?

Winter is the season for storms in Phoenix. Historically, we’ve had some whopping rains and Pool People gets calls all the time from clients who are panicked because their swimming pool is overflowing. Happily, this isn’t the disaster it may initially appear. The shell of the pool meets the pool deck. Both pieces have been.. read more →

09 Nov 2013
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Replacing swimming pool lights

Replacing a swimming pool light appears deceptively easy. There are only three things that can be repaired on a light — the bulb, the seal and the lens. Generally, if the light has been installed correctly, it is easy to unscrew the can (the container the light is in) and pull up to the deck.. read more →

Fall is a Great Time for Swimming Pool Maintenance

For most of the folks in Phoenix, unless you have a heated pool, the swim season is over. But that doesn’t mean you should get lazy. Even though you aren’t using your pool, it still needs maintenance and repairs. Don’t defer that maintenance or the needed repairs until spring! And here’s why… 1) In the.. read more →

Swimming pool warranties

There are three levels of swimming pool warranties to be aware of … new warranty, home warranty, and a Pool People warranty. The first, a new pool warranty, goes into effect when you have a new swimming pool built. The pool company/builder generally offers a two-year warranty of the pool and equipment. Once the builder’s.. read more →