12 Sep 2013

The Pump Basket on a Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix can be challenging. With so much dust in the air, the pool cleaning and filtering equipment can get a real workout. The pump basket is the last line of defense to keep your pump and filter from getting clogging, or worse, burning out.

The pump basket is also the most frequently overlooked pool maintenance item. If the basket is not emptied, debris from the basket can pass it by and cling to the impeller in the motor. Once debris begins to build up on the impeller, the motor slows down and pulls less water. The less water that circulates, the dirtier your pool will get.

The simple solution is to empty the basket frequently — once a week or even more during Monsoon season — and replace the basket when it becomes worn and cracked. This is a simple but major maintenance item because it can save you a lot of money in maintenance fees if a professional has to come fix the pump. $10 for a pump basket isn’t much when compared to hundreds of dollars for a new pump.

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