19 Aug 2012

Who can forget Goldilocks, the original drama queen? She broke into the Bears’ house and complained, “It’s too hot or too cold and it’s too big or too small.” She spoiled or broke everything  looking for “just right.”

Yellow or mustard algae–which is technically a spore–is a lot like Goldilocks. It doesn’t like water too hot or too cold. It likes “just right,” when pool water is in the 65-75 degree range. Look for it especially in the spring and fall when water is warming up or cooling down.
Something else this picky spore doesn’t like is direct sunlight. UV rays from the sun are “too bright” for it. Look for it in the shady areas of your pool. Because its a spore it doesn’t mix in the water like true algaes, and because the color of your water remains blue many are tricked into believing yellow algae is not that serious of a problem.
Ignore this pesky algae and it will work its way out of the shade and onto the the floor of your pool. When that happens a small problem will become a big one. You too will feel like the three bears, only instead of growling at a little girl, you’ll growl at algae. Unlike goldilocks, yellow algae will not go away with a growl. When you brush it, it looks like its gone, but unless you kill it, it floats in the water and makes its way back to the shady sides of your pool in a day or two.
A little extra chlorine looks like it takes care of it, because chlorine alone isn’t very effective. It’s not strong enough to completely eliminate it. Just like it was when you brushed, in a day or two it’s back. By now you may be feeling like Goldilocks. “Chlorine and brushing are too weak…”
There are several products available to fight yellow algae and just like most other products, there are some that work and some that don’t. Two products are effective. “Yellow-out” type products are popular because they are sold as an inexpensive solution. Yellow-out is really your most expensive solution because it works as a “chlorine accelerator.” This means it depletes the chlorine in your pool as it kills the yellow algae. For every yellow-out type algae application count on buying and additional 3-4 times more chlorine to get rid of the yellow algae in your pool.
You don’t have to wander, trying one product and then another like Goldilocks. I recommend using an ammonia based algaecide. I like “Kill-It” best and you can get this at my retail store. When you consider that it’s effective, it works independently of your pool’s chlorine, and you don’t need extra chlorine for it to work effectively, it becomes the obvious choice. It’s “just right.”

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