19 Aug 2012
Chlorine tablets, or tabs, are the most popular method of chlorinating your pool. And for good reason: they are easy to handle, measure, and place in your pool. But there is a “dark side” to these white discs. I’ll tell you two secrets about tabs.
First, look at how they are packaged. The buckets are tidy and tightly sealed. This keeps them dry and easy to handle. The empty bucket can be rinsed and reused for other tasks around the house. But let me point out the sizes of those buckets. It used to be there were two sizes: 25 lb. and 50 lb. tubs of tabs. Now they’re sold in 15, 18, 20, and 40 lb. buckets. So many choices, it makes my head swim!
But are those extra choices marketing tricks to make you pay more? Yeah, that’s what it is. Going from 50 to 40 lb packaging is the new large size, sold for less, but you’re getting less as you pay more per pound. The even more importantly: not all tabs contain the same amount of chlorine. The best tabs for your pool are stabilized, 99% chlorine, 3” in size, and weigh 7 oz.
Stabilizer protects chlorine from being destroyed by the sun’s ultra-violet rays. This makes the chlorine last longer, which means you spend less to keep your pool sparkling and ready for swimming. You don’t have to chlorinate as often either. Lower prices on tabs might truly be a sale. But be careful, lower prices normally mean less chlorine in the tabs, or you might be buying tabs that are not stabilized.
Inferior tabs are a bad deal for two reasons: 1) you have to buy more because you are simply putting less chlorine in your pool, and 2) if it’s not stabilized you will use more chlorine than you should. Use these secrets and be a savvy shopper who protects the health of your pool.


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