30 Aug 2015

To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild? That is the Question!

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Swimming pool pumps don’t last forever, unfortunately. That means that when your pump fails you have two choices — to have it rebuilt or buy a new one.

I recently ran into just this issue with a client. Her pool pump is ancient. It has a good brass casing and solid brass blades that chew up debris, unlike new models that don’t handle large debris as well and aren’t quite as well built as the older models. As this is an older model pump, it pumps at a slow, steady pace, meaning it needs to run longer to clean the pool. Newer model pumps move a much greater volume of water and therefore don’t need to run as long. Of course, there is a trade off — the greater the volume of water moved, the harder the motor works. The slower the draw or movement of water, the longer the motor lasts. Of course, the greater the draw, the less time you need to run the pump to keep your pool clean and clear. It’s sort of a Catch 22.

So, if you have an older pump, rebuilding will probably be cheaper in the long run, and because of the better quality and slower draw, the repairs will likely last longer, possibly even longer than a new motor. However, if your pool needs to move larger volumes of water, then a new pump is probably the better option. All motors turn at 3,450 rpms, however, the motor with brass impellor work more effortlessly because it chews up debris, whereas a new pump impellor doesn’t handle debris as efficiently. In short, you need to figure out which is the most important to your pool — debris handling or water volume — when choosing a pump for your pool.

So how do you know if your pool needs to move a large volume of water? The first factor to consider is the amount of water in your pool. Bigger pools should be using pumps that move large volumes. Second, if you get lots of debris in it, the more times you need to filter it to keep it nice and clear, so a pump that moves a great volume of water is probably a good idea.

Pool People AZ has plenty of experience rebuilding and replacing failing swimming pool pumps, so feel free to give us a call if you have questions on what you should do about your pump — 623-362-8888.